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Backup Connectivity Kit

Activate a LoRaWAN® backup link for IP Devices Acklio LPWAN Backup Connectivity Kit allows secured SSH communications over LoRaWAN® with routers and switches. It addresses the worst-case outage scenarios by [...]


LoRaWAN Network Server

Deploy and manage private LoRaWAN® network. – From small to large scale deployment Pay as you grow and scale your architecture Grow and fit with your needs, from the proof [...]

Posts about ACKLIO


Acklio opens a free developer program to test, prototype and showcase efficient IP-based LoRaWAN® solutions

Member Press Release

The LoRa Alliance® has announced a specification update that officially adopts the support of the Internet protocols (IPv6) over LoRaWAN®. This new feature allows LoRaWAN to meet the demand for […]


Kaifa integrates Acklio’s solutions to introduce the first DLMS smart electricity meters running over LoRaWAN®

Member Press Release

After water and gas meters, LoRaWAN® is now available for smart electricity meters. This is made possible thanks to SCHC compression and fragmentation (IETF RFC 8724). This new standard technology […]


Internet of Things: an international standard is released to unify IoT networks thanks to the IP protocols

Member Press Release

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) has published a new key standard for IoT. This technology, called SCHC, allows using IP-based protocols over IoT networks. It guarantees interoperability between LoRaWAN, […]

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