Products by Senet, Inc.

Senet, Inc.

Senet Low Power Wide Area Virtual Network (LVN™)

The Senet Low Power Wide Area Virtual Network (LVN™) allows end-device connectivity and application service on any LoRaWAN Radio Access Network (RAN) network using Senet’s OSS and BSS. Included in [...]

Senet, Inc.

Senet Network-as-a-Service

For application providers, solution providers and system integrators, connecting to Senet’s Network-as-a- Service (NaaS) is the easiest way to deliver data from Internet of Things (IoT) end devices to applications. [...]

Senet, Inc.

Senet Managed Network Services for IoT (MNSi™)

Managed Services for IoT (MNSi™) is a cloud-based “turn-key” M2M network service that enables network operators and other connectivity providers to rapidly deploy LoRaWAN services on their physical assets (towers, [...]

Senet, Inc.

Senet RAN Provider Services

Senet RAN Provider Services offer a unique way for infrastructure providers to participate in the Internet of Things (IoT) marketplace and monetize the deployment of millions, and ultimately billions, of [...]

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