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Leroy Merlin Wins The LoRa® Alliance Global IoT Challenge

SAN RAMON, Calif. – Jan. 20, 2016 – The LoRa® Alliance, the leading technology alliance for the Internet of Things and low‐ power wide area networks (LPWAN), in collaboration with Machina Research, announced the finalists and the winner of theLoRa Alliance Global IoT Challenge for Innovation contest during CES. More than 150 companies around the world, including the Middle East and Africa, submitted solutions using the secure, carrier‐grade LoRaWAN standard. Within the eight challenge categories, the leading application focus areas were Smart City, Supply Chain, Security and Smart Home, with an even split between business and consumer‐centric use cases. The entries were all judged by the LoRa Alliance Board of Directors and Machina Research based on the set criteria: degree of innovation, overall business potential and go‐ to‐market approach...

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