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The Abeeway Industrial tracker is a very flexible multimode tracker, having a long-lasting battery and embedded sensors that combine GPS, Low-power GPS, Wi-Fi Sniffer, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), and LoRaWAN® TDoA geolocation technologies, enduring outdoor and indoor geolocations.

This tracker is created to be able to withstand harsh surroundings allowing seamless asset tracking and management in any industrial environment – regardless of its usage in heavy-duty assets, inventory, or livestock.



  • Tracking in real-time, status monitoring of light and heavy assets, vehicles, machines, and equipment, in outdoor or indoor industrial facilities.
  • Activity monitoring is based on a motion for usage optimization, industrial control, and asset management.
  • Livestock tracking in large farms.
  • Optimization of supply chain and production, delivery, and inventory tracking
  • Geofencing applications: receiving zone alerts when leaving/entering specific areas.
  • Antitheft applications, notifications, and location trigger when the device is moving, at fixed frequency updates, or on-demand.


It possesses multiple operating modes:

  • Motion Tracking: Real-time tracking position when motion is detected
  • Permanent tracking: Regular real period time tracking
  • Start/End motion tracking: Receive location messages when motion is starting and ending
  • Fix on demand: Obtain tracker position when needed (very low power operating mode)
  • Activity tracking: Monitor activity rate with embedded sensors


Geolocation technologies:

  • GPS: Precise outdoor position
  • Low power GPS: in outdoor and daylight indoor conditions
  • Wi-Fi: Position in an indoor and urban area


Key Hardware Specifications:

  • Temperature monitoring
  • LoRaWAN Class A radio
  • Dust-proof and powerful water jets – (IP 65)
  • Firmware upgradable
  • Long battery lifetime


Additional features:

  • Geofencing zone detection
  • Edge computing for proximity detection and exposure assessment
  • BLE scan function for an inventory of tools and accessories
  • Indoor BLE/WiFi fingerprinting with HERE Tracking (requires subscription)
  • Indoor BLE based geolocation with Quuppa Intelligent Location (requires Quuppa infrastructure)
  • BLE based safe/hazard zone detection
Supported Regional Parameters
Supported Classes
Class A (Basic)
Vertical Markets
Smart Cities|Industrial / Hazardous|Transportation / Logistics / Supply Chain|Smart Infrastructure|Smart Industry / Industrial IoT|Smart Homes / Neighborhood|Smart Agriculture / Farming
Regional Markets
Regulatory Certifications
CE (Europe)|TELEC (Japan)|IC (Canada)|FCC (United States)

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