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Hardware and software system for structural monitoring of buildings, bridges and other buildings in LoRaWAN radio technology
For the monitoring of bridges and viaducts it allows to detect critical data of the structure so as to be able to report eventual failures, indispensable for the verifications after earthquakes or landslides.
It is composed by a tiltmeter for the detection of vibrations or inclinations, a slotmeter for the measurement of the variations in the width of the cracks present in the structure and a temperature sensor to contextualise the other measures.
The whole is fed thanks to a photovoltaic panel making the solution and the sensors of which it is composed energetically autonomous.
ANGEL BRIDGE can be connected to a number of sensors, whose data, adequately organized in configurable thresholds or algorithms, can promptly report situations on alert.

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Smart Buildings / Facilities Management|Smart Cities|Smart Infrastructure
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RED (Europe)

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