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BeSure services are designed around these concepts:

Providing a warm, dry and safe home – Monitoring the status of a home and providing end users with data and notifications when any action is required. Extensions can be provided for fire, flood, and unusual activity in non-safe areas around the home and immediate surroundings.

Living well inside the home – Caregiver is notified of potential issues and changes in behavioral patterns that concern physical health and well-being (ADL), such as movement, eating regularly, hygiene, sleep and keeping the home temperature in a desirable range.

Managing outside the home – Notification to caregivers if there is an unexpected departure from a person’s safe environment, with an option to locate loved ones.

Extended Features

Turn key solution for LoRaWAN network operators looking to expand offerings and add customers.

Localise for your market.

Supported Regional Parameters
Supported Classes
Class A
Vertical Markets
Smart Cities|Smart Homes / Consumer
Regional Markets
Asia/South Pacific|Worldwide
Regulatory Certifications
RCM (Australia)|RED (Europe)

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Customer reference(s): Spectrum Care, Selwyn Community, MedTechCore/ University of Auckland

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