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The smallest and feature richest LoRaWAN modules available – FMLR modules, modems and sensors enable wireless connection of almost all devices, systems and sensors over a distance of up to 100km thanks to LoRa Alliance and the integrated Low Noise Amplifier. No compromises have been taken to optimize power consumption to run the modules from small batteries, such as coin cells, for several years, while the integrated wake on radio (WoR) feature allows the system to be connectable. The integrated ARM-Cortex 32bit micro controller runs the entire RF stack and has plenty of resources available for additional applications. On-board sensors for temperature, humidity and barometric pressure (optional) enable to build out-of-the-box IoT sensor networks. All FMLR modules and sensors are prepared for seamless integration into LoRaWAN. The LoRaWAN software stack is available as open source. Modules and Sensors are available with extra on board flash memory to allow Over-the-Air update.

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