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Wanesy Wave is designed to answer hospitals, buildings or industrial site managers or mall operators that critically need real-time information on their assets position or people counting information. 

Wanesy Wave embedds a scanning, counting and zoning application that brings the real-time answers to the questions in the core of the concerns : 

  • “How many people &/or assets are in that specific area?” 
  • “How many people &/or assets have been in that place for more than 10 minutes or 1 hour?” 
  • “Which are the new assets within the last 10 minutes?”
  • “What is the list of assets in that area?”
  •  “Where is this specific asset?”
  • “How many people visited my shop?
  • “How many people attended my art gallery?
  • “What is the flow of visitors / customers / citizens in my buildings?
  • “What is the inventory of assets in a specific area?
  • “Where are my assets in my buildings?
  • “How can I prevent my staff to move my assets outside a given area?


Vertical Markets
Smart Buildings / Facilities Management|Smart Homes / Consumer|Smart Industry / Industrial IoT|Smart Infrastructure
Regional Markets
Europe|North America|South America
Regulatory Certifications
FCC (United States)

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