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Frequency Duplex 72 Rx / 4Tx

Dual Antenna Support for Rx Diversity

Double Simultaneous Tx Channels

High Linearity LNA / Receiver

Integrated Bandpass Filter

Precise Network Synchronization (GPS_

Integrated GPS Holdover

1 Watt (30dBm) Tx Power

Geolocalization Support

Hardened Carrier Grade (IP67) Enclosure

Integrated Cellular 3G/4G Modem

High availability carrier grade design with support of in-service configuration and software updates.

Environmentally hardened aluminium enclosure fully tested to withstand extreme temperature conditions.

Full duplex operation making all receive and transmit channels available simultaneously.

Excellent isolation between the Tx and Rx bands as well as out of band rejection of Cellular and Paging networks.

Day-One scalability with support of up to 12 million received messages per day.
Easy to deploy supporting different backhaul and power options.

Fully integrated with the broader eco-system of LoRa™ network servers and sensors.


UL 60950-1 (US/C)

Supported Regional Parameters
Supported Classes
Class A|Class B|Class C
Vertical Markets
Smart Agriculture / Farming|Smart Cities|Smart Environment|Smart Industry / Industrial IoT|Smart Infrastructure|Smart Metering / Smart Utilities|Transportation / Logistics / Supply Chain
Regional Markets
Asia/South Pacific|Europe|Middle East|North America|South America|Worldwide
Regulatory Certifications
FCC (United States)|IC (Canada)|RED (Europe)|TELEC (Japan)

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