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Measuring inclinations with tiltmeters is essential for the success of many projects: from controlling building response during a tunneling project, over analyzing settlements, to tracking changes in the inclination of structures such as bridge piers or historical monuments and dams, to monitoring landslides including berms in open pits.

The Loadsensing Tiltmeter is a low-power, long-range wireless data unit and inclinometer in a single, compact box. It measures tilt in two (biaxial) perpendicular axes in the plane of the base and combines a highly precise MEMS sensor plus the radio transmission network by Loadsensing, Worldsensing’s leading wireless monitoring system. One gateway can support several nodes in the same network.

The tiltmeter’s ability to provide accurate measures with long-range wireless communication and extended battery life sets this inclinometer apart from other comparable products in the market.

It can also be used as a standalone logger for manual monitoring and can be easily configured and connected with a USB cable and an Android phone.

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Class A
Vertical Markets
Smart Cities|Smart Environment|Smart Industry / Industrial IoT|Smart Infrastructure
Regional Markets
Africa|Asia/South Pacific|Europe|Middle East|North America|South America|Worldwide
Regulatory Certifications
ANATEL (Brazil)|FCC (United States)|IC (Canada)|MIC (Korea)|RCM (Australia)|RED (Europe)

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