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The LORIOT Private Server is available in three models which are designed to meet the scaling, redundancy and pricing requirements of the many diverse use-cases and business models across the internet of things.

LORIOT Network Server Architecture
LORIOT Network Server Architecture

A server model that is suitable for current needs while also providing a clear upgrade path if higher capacity or redundancy is needed at any stage.

All models benefit from our carrier-grade network server software and as the server operator, you have maximum access, control and flexibility, without limitations.

Extended Features

The LORIOT Network Server has built-in high-grade security to route valuable IoT data, and our network infrastructure enables the operation and management of IoT networks while providing carrier-grade reliability and scaling. Secure connectivity for thousands of gateways, millions of devices and the routing of useful data.

It provides full control and independence to build and run a LoRaWAN® network at any scale and is flexibly designed to meet the network requirements of operators by removing the complexity.


    The LORIOT Private Network Server is built for carrier-grade networks and is supporting national, regional and solution-specific LoRaWAN networks across the world. Every Private Server client benefits from this software, expertise and experience.


    We do not impose any restrictions on your Private Network Server, no certification requirements, no message limitations, no device hard caps. It’s your server, without restrictions and we are there to support when required.


    A Private Server enables the highest possible grade of independence and control over the network and all connected components. No third-party network operator dictating terms. Gateways can be deployed where needed and you fully control the network and services.


    A Private Network Server provides an immediate and long-term environment for your deployments, regardless if it’s a small PoC or straight into scaled production services. By starting with the best possible server model and no limitations on the capacity, you will never need to migrate to another server and repeat work.


    We recognize that there are many business models and use-cases across the internet of things. We don’t impose rigid technical or commercial requirements; we operate an agile network server service that can be tailored to meet your business and technical demands. If we don’t have a required feature, we will build it.

It is available in three models, in private cloud or on-premise, managed or unmanaged network server deployment.

Carrier-grade solution for network operators and production services.

Vertical Markets
Smart Agriculture / Farming|Smart Buildings / Facilities Management|Smart Cities|Smart Environment|Smart Industry / Industrial IoT|Smart Infrastructure|Smart Metering / Smart Utilities|Transportation / Logistics / Supply Chain
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