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The Lierda LSD4WN-2L817M90 is a low power consumption, long transmission distance EU868 module which comply with the LoRaWAN® Specification 1.0.2 standard released by the LoRa Alliance. Integrated with Semtech SX1276 and ST 32-bit ultra low power Cortex M0 MCU ( STM32XXX ), the module is embedded with LoRaWAN® EU868 protocol stack, can easily provide fast LoRaWAN networks and wireless date services by simply command control via UART interface.

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Extended Features
  • Module dimension: 25 × 21.5 ×3 mm
  • Power supply: 2.5 to 3.6V
  • Sensitivity down to -135 dBm(@SF12)
  • Low power consumption: Standby current 2uA
  • Output power level up to 18.5±1 dBm
  • Range up to 3 Km(Line of Sight)
  • Supports AT commands via UART
  • Small footprint (2 x 11 pin x 2.0mm)
  • RF interface optimized to 50 Ohm
  • High reliability: -40℃ To 85℃ operation temperature
Supported Regional Parameters
Supported Classes
Class A
Vertical Markets
Smart Environment|Smart Homes / Consumer|Smart Industry / Industrial IoT|Smart Infrastructure|Smart Metering / Smart Utilities|Smart Agriculture / Farming|Transportation / Logistics / Supply Chain|Smart Buildings / Facilities Management|Smart Cities
Regulatory Certifications
CE (Europe)|RED (Europe)

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