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MultiTech Conduit®
Programmable Gateway for the Internet of Things (MTCDT Series)
Conduit® is the industry’s most configurable, manageable, and scalable LoRa gateway for industrial IoT applications.

Network connectivity choices to your preferred data management platform include carrier approved 4G-LTE, 3G, 2G and Ethernet.

A diverse range of mCardTM accessory cards provide the local wired or wireless field asset connectivity and plug directly into the rear of the Conduit LoRa gateway. Available options include a LoRaWAN® Ready mCard capable of supporting thousands of mDotTM long range RF modules connected to remote sensors or appliances.

Development environments to suit all users including IBM’s Node-RED, a graphical, drag and drop interface or mLinuxTM Open Embedded/Yocto.

Quick-to-deploy and easy to manage, the Conduit LoRaWAN gateway realizes your IoT application.

mPowerTM Edge Intelligence
mPowerTM Edge Intelligence is a new embedded software offering, building on its popular application enablement platform, to deliver programmability, network flexibility, enhanced security and manageability for scalable Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions.

For a complete list of software specifications, see the mPower brochure.

Want to know more about LoRaWAN technology?
Visit our LoRaWAN technology page for the latest in-depth information.

Software Downloads
Developer documentation and support available at
Get started with recipes from our partners

Incredible asset management range – up to 10 miles line of sight, 1 to 3 miles into buildings
Integration support with a variety of partner and private Cloud Platforms
2-way communication over any certified cellular network for cost effective global deployments
Create differentiated services for your customers via MultiTech’s Application Store


UL 60950-1 2nd Ed., cUL 60950-1 2nd Ed., IEC 60950-1 2nd Ed

Supported Regional Parameters
Supported Classes
Class A (Basic)|Class B (Multimode)|Class C
Vertical Markets
Smart Homes / Neighborhood|Smart Industry / Industrial IoT|Smart Infrastructure|Smart Metering / Smart Utilities|Transportation / Logistics / Supply Chain|Smart Environment|Smart Agriculture / Farming|Smart Buildings / Facilities Management|Smart Cities
Regional Markets
Regulatory Certifications
FCC (United States)|IC (Canada)|RCM (Australia)|RED (Europe)|TELEC (Japan)

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Conduit Data Sheet Japan
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