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Sysdev Srl ( proposes the first black box of infrastructures (SHBox®) with the aim of improving territory control and resilience in the face of catastrophic events. The solution includes wireless multi-sensor nodes able to detect a multitude of parameters (deformation, displacement, galvanic potential, temperature, inclination, seismic events) and to transfer them to a software platform for its analysis. Collected information is stored with the purpose to reconstruct the structural pattern of the infrastructures (bridges, viaducts, tunnels) over time. The ageing of infrastructures is a full-blown problem involving all Countries where – since 1940s – constructions started. Traditional structural monitoring is limited to the most important structures due to complexity and installation costs. As a matter of fact, there is a greater need. SHBox®, through the application of the IoT paradigm and the statistical analysis of Big Data obtained opens up a new avenue for the massive application of structural health monitoring.



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