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Radio Module available as remote version for connection by cable to inductive sensor G2-IPS or to Hall Sensor, or to Reed contact.

The Radio Module can read also two analog sensors and sets two outputs digital contacts.

Extended Features

-Trasmission: Bidirectional on 868 MHz frequency on both LoRaWAN protocol for fixed network and LoRa for walk-by/drive-by

-Trasmission interval: Daily intervals with 12-hours historical data (configurable)

– Installations: Indoor and outdoor

– Consumption data: Net compensated of any possible reverse flow

– Data security: Multi-level cryptography

– Transmission activation: Through magnet

– Configuration data update: Remote configuration on fixed network

– Transmitted Data: Sensor ID, consumption data, hardware status, alarms, battery level

– Transmitted Alarms: mechanical fraud (cable cut and removal), reverse flow, low battery, leakage

Supported Regional Parameters
Supported Classes
Class A
Vertical Markets
Smart Metering / Smart Utilities
Regional Markets
Europe|South America
Regulatory Certifications
RED (Europe)

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EU Test Report (Certification-by-Similarity)
File type: application/pdf
File size: 503.39 KB
datasheet for fixed network and walk-by/drive-by systems
File type: application/pdf
File size: 435.01 KB
datasheet for smart reading G2-RF-SLW
File type: application/pdf
File size: 348.9 KB

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