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Smilio Action “3 Smileys” is a satisfaction terminal composed of 3 connected buttons that allow to interact in real time with your users in order to know their level of satisfaction.
At the touch of a fingertip, your customers can “on the spot” and anonymously express their opinions. Three LEDs lights up on the keypad in order to inform the users that their votes have been taken into account.
In case of repeated dissatisfaction, a SMS or email alert can be configured, for example, to alert a Manager or trigger the intervention of a technician.
Smilio Action is also capable to time-and-date-stamp staff interventions thanks to an integrated badging device.

Technical characteristics
– Material: thermoplastic polymer (ABS)
– Weight (without batteries): 200 grams
– Dimensions in mm: L 100 x W 100 x H 45
– Color: white
– Vertical or horizontal fixation by screws or double-sided adhesive
– 3 LEDs (votes confirmation)
– “Proof of Presence” Technology: magnetic sensor for the traceability of personnel interventions
– Can be set remotely via Downlink
– 6-years battery autonomy (2 batteries Lithium Thionyl Chloride 3,6 Volts Format AA)
– Waterproof (IP65) and resistant to extreme temperatures (-40°C to +60°C)
– CE certified
– Specific range of displays available in our catalogue (counter, wall, floor)
Our devices are designed and assembled in France.

Vertical Markets
Smart Buildings / Facilities Management|Smart Cities|Smart Environment|Smart Homes / Consumer|Smart Industry / Industrial IoT|Transportation / Logistics / Supply Chain
Regional Markets
Asia/South Pacific|Europe
Regulatory Certifications
RED (Europe)

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Customer reference(s): Vinci Airports;ISS;Engie Cofely;Comerso;Ziggytech;GT Logistics

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