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With the fragmentation of IoT technologies and applications, managing data exposure is challenging.  Data is at the core of any IoT use case. Making sense of the data sent by IoT sensors and transform it into a business insight that can help people and companies create value, optimize operations, save lives etc. is the ultimate goal. However, with the fragmentation of the IoT communication technologies, protocols, standards and applications, it has never been more difficult to integrate data in a painless way with the business applications.

ThingPark X facilitates the transformation of sensor data into business insights for consumers of IoT services. ThingPark X builds on the top of the Actility IoT connectivity management solution, adding data storage, transformation and exposure services in order to ease the integration with any third-party business application.

  • Data storage & access: All sensor data is stored in high performance databases with a fine access management.
  • Data flow management: Data needs to be transformed into relevant business information. ThingPark X provides data processing and abstraction layers to ease the consumption of the data by third party applications.
  • Data exposition: With multiple business applications and IoT clouds addressing different verticals, ThingPark X solves the complexity of exposing the data to in a flexible way that adapts to the requirements of different apps.


Key benefits: 

  • Easy application server integration: Dedicated payload library allows for fast integration with any 3rd party application servers allowing for faster App development. Integrated cloud connectors allow connection with leading IoT Cloud platform providers like AWS, Azure or Bluemix
    Analytics & Process management: Enables “making sense” of the data and supporting smart decisions in applications such as process optimisation or predictive maintenance
    Vertical dedicated application available for out-of-the-box implementation
  • Data management & transformation: Queuing management to avoid data loss as a result of problems. Protocol adaptation to transport 3rd party Apps over LoRa. Big Data storage with access right & quota management implementation
  • APIs: Device management through APIs for integration to 3rd party management tools
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Vertical Markets
Industrial/Hazardous|Smart Agriculture / Farming|Smart Buildings / Facilities Management|Smart Cities|Smart Environment|Smart Homes / Consumer|Smart Industry / Industrial IoT|Smart Infrastructure|Smart Metering / Smart Utilities|Transportation / Logistics / Supply Chain
Regional Markets
Regulatory Certifications
ANATEL (Brazil)|CCC (China)|CE (Europe)|CONATEL (South America)|FCC (United States)|IC (Canada)|ICASA (South Africa)|MIC (Korea)|NCC (Taiwan)|RCM (Australia)|RED (Europe)|RTA (China / SRRC)|TELEC (Japan)

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