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Based on LoRa® technology, this gateway is perfectly designed for indoor network extension and densification and for ad-hoc indoor private coverage requiring dedicated and continuous connectivity for IoT applications.

Available in global ISM frequency bands, this cost-effective industrial-grade gateway is proposed through a compact and fully featured casing.

Wirnet™ iZeptoCell Cellular offers a backhaul with LTE CatM1 / LTE CatNB2 (NB-IoT) / EGPRS / GPRS worldwide connectivity with remotely configurable eUICC.

This gateway for LoRaWAN® leverages the same successful secure hardware and software architecture as its carrier-grade predecessors, Kerlink Wirnet™ iBTS and Kerlink Wirnet™ iStation, and offers high performance for very deep indoor coverage in demanding environments (basement, underground, parking, elevators shafts…) to connect sensors like energy meters, parking sensors or equipment actuators.

Kerlink Wirnet™ iZeptoCell Cellular is part of the end-to-end LoRa® connectivity solution with Kerlink Wanesy™ Management Center.

Extended Features

Wirnet™ iZeptoCell IoT gateway allows network operators and owners to overcome the three main challenges common to deployment of customized and private indoor LoRaWAN networks designed for massive IoT:

  • Simple and quick installation in varied environments because of its compatibility with different sources of power, such as multi-blade AC-DC power supply, USB and power-over-ethernet (PoE) splitters
  • Strictly plug-and-play thanks to market leading key features like zero-touch provisioning, eliminating the need for users’ technical expertise
  • Flexible optimized backhaul options to accommodate customers’ different network configurations, as well as budgets. 
Supported Regional Parameters
Vertical Markets
Smart Buildings / Facilities Management|Smart Cities|Smart Industry / Industrial IoT|Smart Infrastructure|Smart Metering / Smart Utilities|Transportation / Logistics / Supply Chain
Regional Markets
Africa|Asia/South Pacific|Europe|Middle East|North America|South America|Worldwide
Regulatory Certifications
FCC (United States)|IC (Canada)|RED (Europe)

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