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LoRaWAN and NB-IoT | 7 Things You Thought Were True
LoRaWAN® News

With the purpose that LoRaWAN serves, it is important to have an understanding of the things that are confusing. Here are some common misconceptions...

XTERCONNECT Launches its advanced LoRaWANTM Professional Gateway Range
XterConnect SAS

XTERCONNECT announced today the launch of a new range of professional LoRaWANTM

gateways. The flagship models GTW410-L and GTW410-L4G are advanced...

Radio Bridge announces the release of the full integration of its Device Management Console with the LORIOT Network Server

Minneapolis, Minnesota, US – 31st July 2019 – The IoT sensor designer and manufacturer Radio Bridge Inc. announces the full software integration...

LoRaWAN® Startups Transform IoT Markets
LoRaWAN® News

The LoRa Alliance® met in Berlin last month and hosted our most successful LoRaWAN Live! day to date. While over 60 presenters took the stage across...

Smarter Cities, Well Lit: Cleaner, More Sustainable, Intelligently Run
LoRaWAN® News

Smart Cities and Smart Regions continue to grow, and in the U.S. market investment in new infrastructure and bringing together physical and digital...

Paige Wireless joins the global LoRa Alliance®

July 23, 2019 - Union, New Jersey: Paige Wireless, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Paige Electric L.P., a cutting-edge technology company that is...