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One Step Closer to Global Coverage for IoT Devices: Lacuna Space and Miromico announce collaboration
Miromico AG

Harwell, Oxfordshire, UK, and Zürich, Switzerland, November 25, 2019 Lacuna Space, a provider for connectivity everywhere, and Miromico, a global...

Really Smart Cities Run On LoRaWAN | EENews Interview with Wienke Giezeman
LoRaWAN® News

The Things Industries offers complementary services to help end-users and systems integrators implement LoRaWAN, from silicon to cloud. The Things...

Street Light Solutions to Save Cities on Utility Costs
LoRaWAN® News

Smart technology provides remote lighting control that can more accurately adjust, modify and monitor the amount of time the lights are turned on and...

Senet and SimplyCity Partner to Expand LoRaWAN® Network Connectivity and IoT Solutions in Australia
LoRaWAN® News

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. and PERTH, Australia, Sept. 10, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — , a leading provider of cloud-based software and services platforms to enable...

LoRaWAN – Bringing Unlimited Innovation to Life
LoRaWAN® News

LoRaWAN is a democratizing technology that can make IoT solutions available to all, especially in countries that have historically been the last to...

Smart City Project to Drive LoRaWAN Adoption in India
LoRaWAN® News

India's ambitious smart cities project is going to drive the adoption of LoRaWAN (low power wide area network) based Internet of Things (IoT) in the...