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Why LoRa will be the Likely Winner in Lightweight WAN Battle
LoRaWAN® News

Technically the various WAN technologies are variations with trade-offs between range, power consumption and data rate. So what makes LoRa special?


LoRaWAN Supports Medical Professionals During COVID-19
LoRaWAN® News

COVID-19 is taking a tremendous toll on medical and other frontline professionals around the world as they treat infected patients while dealing with...

Kerlink Launches Cost-Efficient LoRaWAN® Multi-Technology Tracking Anchor for Smart-Retail and Smart-Facility Applications

WanesyTM Wave Is Part of End-to-End Solutions That Strongly Position Kerlink in Additional Major IoT Markets

Thorigné-Fouillard, France – May 20...

ZENNER News - E-world Energy & Water 2020
Minol ZENNER Connect GmbH

Check out the new “ZENNER News” - one of the new ideas and digital formats Minol ZENNER Group Marketing developed and produced within 4 weeks as part...

The WebIoT Platform Made by iioote and their Solution H2OIoT Implemented in the Municipality of Orust, Sweden
iioote AB

The Orust public water sewage company loses several million SEK annually due to freshwater leakages and further losses when leaked clean water is...

SENSATIVE Announces Strategic partnership with Alliot Technologies Ltd.
Sensative AB

Through this relationship, AllIoT will market and distribute Strips LoRa sensors aimed at the professional market.

LUND, SWEDEN. May 18, 2020