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development), Network planning, System integrators, Hardware, End node (sensors or other devices), Gateway, Software, IoT platform, Platform, Provisioning (aka "Join server"), Management / Monitoring
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Alliot Technologies Ltd

Smart Agriculture / Farming
Smart Buildings / Facilities Management
Smart Cities
Smart Environment

Products by Alliot Technologies Ltd

Alliot Technologies Ltd

Netvox’s wireless occupancy, temperature and light sensor reports temperature and illumination...

Alliot Technologies Ltd

Netvox’s wireless indoor air temperature and humidity sensor collects and transmits readings to give...

Alliot Technologies Ltd

Netvox’s water leak sensor alerts when a leak is detected allowing you to act quickly in order to...

Alliot Technologies Ltd

Netvox’s wireless light sensor is used for the detection of ambient light intensity. It can work in...

Alliot Technologies Ltd

Netvox’s wireless door/window sensor utilises a magnetic switch to detect when a door or window is...



Alliot obtain Government and Industry recognised Cyber Security Certification.

Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, UK / March 23rd 2020 – Leading...


Alliot joins LoRa Alliance members to drive LoRaWAN® enabled services worldwide.

Huddersfield, West Yorkshire / July 2nd, 2019 – Leading IoT...

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