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Invenit B.V. (CLICKEY Solutions)

CLICKEY solutions already existed since 2012, it originally started under the name Invenit BV. We are proud to say that CLICKEY solutions is one of the ‘founding fathers’ of the new standards for IoT networks. We are based in Raamsdonk (the Nertherlands), the place where our smart and creative ideas for new IoT solutions are developed.

CLICKEY Solutions does not wait. Why wait when we know that today a lot is already possible? That is why we are one of the first companies in The Netherlands that is bale to offer a complete ecosystem to our customers. And that we can scale our services based on the customer needs.

Monitoring, controlling, protecting and track and tracing. Endless possibilities.

Our CLICKEY Ecosystem offers relevant sensors and a platform that offers a wide variety of solutions for  different customers. Our devices and our platform are secure and proven and completely ready for future developments. Our development team monitors closely the different developments in all IoT areas to be able to anticipate when needed. That is why CLICKEY solutions is always one step ahead.

Smart Agriculture / Farming
Smart Buildings / Facilities Management
Smart Environment
Smart Industry / Industrial IoT
Smart Metering / Smart Utilities
Transportation / Logistics / Supply Chain

Products by Invenit B.V. (CLICKEY Solutions)

Invenit B.V. (CLICKEY Solutions)

With the CLICKEY PIR you can easily protect yourself against unwanted visitors.

Invenit B.V. (CLICKEY Solutions)

We create devices for companies that have a problem that we can solve with IoT or simply have a...

Invenit B.V. (CLICKEY Solutions)

The CLICKEY Comfort sensor measures the most important parameters in a certain area.

Invenit B.V. (CLICKEY Solutions)

The CLICKEY Micro T&T | Ideal for logistics and property monitoring, both outside and inside.

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