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conbee GmbH

Germany-based conbee has crafted a niche in the market with its cutting-edge Smart-TAGs which many popularly refer to as ‘bees’. Founded in 2016, this company has witnessed an increasing demand in Auto-ID solutions and has served many companies in the industry sector and more. With conbee solutions, all objects involved in the production and logistics can be clearly identified and localized – they can “speak” and become “Smart Objects.”

Smart Buildings / Facilities Management
Smart Industry / Industrial IoT
Smart Metering / Smart Utilities

Products by conbee GmbH

Certifiedcm Device

conbee GmbH
Smart Asset Tracking and Inventory Solutions
conbee GmbH
The conbee BLE/LoRa® HybridTAG L500 combines Bluetooth Low Energy, LoRa® radio technologies and GPS...

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