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Because we believe that people and things must be connected to work and live together better, Heyliot offers Heywaste solution.

Reducing and sorting waste means preparing for the future. Sorting out waste is essential for recycling, it is protecting our soil and water and preserving our natural resources. The environmental impact of these new habits is immediate and necessary. This new logic gives birth to new structures with a wonderful human impact.

Heywaste is made for collectivities and recycling players and offers them to monitor the level of the multiple containers required for sorting. Our solution allows, among other things, to pilot tours or avoid overflows which harm cleanliness and the image of the city. The opening of our data thus allowing all the actors acting with the same goal to work better together. The sensor embeds patented laser technology and communicates on LoRa or Sigfox networks. It is compact, resistant, consumes little energy and above all, very easily adaptable in all types of containers.

The data collected is then used in the service of the circular economy in order to make the best use of the new sources of resources.

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Heywaste is a connected filling level sensor intended for collectivities and companies to enable...

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