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iioote AB

iioote is an independent systems integrator offering IoT solutions and services based on multiple IoT technologies.

iioote has deep knowledge and broad international network in the IoT LPWAN ecosystem, ranging from sensor manufacturers, product and solution providers, consultants and potential recruitment candidates. The team is close-knit after multiple years of collaboration at several different companies.

iioote contributes to Sweden’s goal to be the best in the world to use the potential of digitalization.

Smart Agriculture / Farming
Smart Buildings / Facilities Management
Smart Cities
Smart Environment
Smart Homes / Consumer
Smart Industry / Industrial IoT
Smart Infrastructure
Smart Metering / Smart Utilities
Transportation / Logistics / Supply Chain

Products by iioote AB

iioote AB

iioote’s focus is to accelerate the development of IoT with advanced technologies based on radio...



The Orust public water sewage company loses several million SEK annually due to freshwater leakages and further losses when leaked clean water is...


Trollhättan Energi AB and iioote AB collaborates on iioote's platform WebIoT which is a multipurpose platform for Industrial IoT for visualization and...

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