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Lapp Automaatio

Lapp Automaatio is part of LAPP Group

We are Finland's leading specialist in automation and electrical components for the mechanical engineering and process industries. Our temperature sensors are produced at the Hyvinkää factory and the suppliers we represent are among the best in the industry. In addition to a wide range of products, we provide customer-specific services. Our strengths are speed and quality: for our customers, this means a cost-effective and risk-free partnership. Headquartered in Varisto, Vantaa, we have over 60 professionals in Finland and Estonia.

Our own brands - the EPIC® SENSORS temperature sensors and the IoTKey® wireless measuring and remote monitoring systems - are manufactured with uncompromising expertise for the use of the process and machine building industries. Lapp Automaatio is a temperature sensor manufacturing pioneer with its 20 years’ experience. We introduced the first laser welding systems for sensor manufacturing in Finland and launched the first ATEX-approved temperature sensors already in 2002. Our manufacturing operations are ISO 9001:2015 certified and additionally our sensor production is ATEX quality assured and IECEx quality assessed.

LAPP Group is a German family-owned company which is the world's leading supplier of cables, cable accessories and systems. The product range has over 40,000 products, which are mainly manufactured at the company's own production facilities. LAPP has 18 production plants and 44 sales organizations around the world, employing some 4,200 people.

Lapp Automaatio - Products and services

  • Automation and safety components
  • Cables and cable accessories
  • Power supply and control devices
  • Instruments and temperature measurement
  • Alarm devices, housings and connectors.

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Products by Lapp Automaatio

Lapp Automaatio

EPIC® SENSORS WLT 310 Ex IoTKey® Transmitter for hazardous areas

Lapp Automaatio

EPIC® SENSORS WLT 310 IoTKey® Transmitter for preventive maintenance



Lapp Automaatio now offers the possibility to install the IoTKey® wireless measurement and remote monitoring system in hazardous industrial...

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