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Africa, Asia/South Pacific, Europe, North America
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Wifx Sàrl

Wifx has been founded in 2005 and was mainly focused on complex IT support, ISP and transparent point-to-point links.

Since 2015, Wifx also started to develop LoRaWAN gateway following the lack of small and well integrated, easy to use existing gateways in the market which has resulted in the LORIX One. 

Smart Agriculture / Farming
Smart Buildings / Facilities Management
Smart Cities
Smart Environment
Smart Homes / Consumer
Smart Industry / Industrial IoT
Smart Infrastructure
Smart Metering / Smart Utilities
Transportation / Logistics / Supply Chain

Products by Wifx Sàrl

Wifx Sàrl

The LORIX One is an outdoor IP43/IP65 LoRaWAN gateway in a highly optimized form factor. It is also...

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