BeSure is a set of services designed to help vulnerable people (frail elderly, people with dementia, people with autism etc) live independently at home for as long as possible, and a Person who Cares be sure that they are ok.

Aged care
Frail elderly
Smart Cities
Smart Building
IoT, long-range, low-power
Turnkey solution for network operators
Safety for elders
Web application
Care givers and families

Product / service details

BeSure services are designed around these concepts:

Providing a warm, dry and safe home - Monitoring the status of a home and providing end users with data and notifications when any action is required. Extensions can be provided for fire, flood, and unusual activity in non-safe areas around the home and immediate surroundings.

Living well inside the home - Caregiver is notified of potential issues and changes in behavioral patterns that concern physical health and well-being (ADL), such as movement, eating regularly, hygiene, sleep and keeping the home temperature in a desirable range.

Managing outside the home - Notification to caregivers if there is an unexpected departure from a person’s safe environment, with an option to locate loved ones.

BeSure Solution overview - Q4 19
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