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Czech national network for the IoT – CRA LoRaWAN
Unique CRA IoT Cloud infrastructure

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Czech national LoRaWAN network by Ceske Radiokomunikace (CRA) is built on LoRaWAN technology, which allows wireless connection of intelligent devices at great distances with minimum energy requirements.

On top of the network, our IoT services are equipped with unique CRA IoT Cloud infrastructure to provide service and device management functionalities, data persistence, integration functions and application hosting for developers, integrators and all other users of the CRA IoT Services.

CRA LoRaWAN network currently covers more than 80% of the Czech Republic population. The density of our IoT network is continuously rising. Our partners and customers are welcome to cooperate with us on coverage planning and ask for coverage building on their project requirements.

Security is our priority. IoT network elements are administered on the secure infrastructure of Ceske Radiokomunikace.
Data is always within the territory of the Czech Republic.
Your services, data or applications are protected and available whenever you require.

CRA offers a wide range of services from the trial, start-up to full commercial services spanning also wholesale or virtual operator features if required. Plans include a variety of tariffs based on devices as well as messages or combinations of both to meet diverse market needs. Special, tailored solutions for strategic partners are also available.

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