Customizable Smart Farm Solution for Greenhouses

An end-to-end solution, including hardware from our partners (optional - custom hardware can be used), designed to help greenhouses improve their productivity, security and operational efficiency. This is achieved through environmental monitoring and automation using LoRaWAN devices, paired with an application/server combination for visualization and data processing.

Product / service details

The primary operator facing application based on Thing+ is used for monitoring of data, creation of alarms, control of systems and analysis of data. A LoRaWAN Gateway and Temperature/Humidity Sensor edge nodes from RisingHF are used (though custom equipment can also be used if requested). CO2 and soil/nutrient metrics are tracked by Netvox LoRaWAN devices by default.

In general, greenhouse humidity, temperature, soil data and CO2 is tracked in real time via these sensors, which are placed into each greenhouse at equidistant locations. From there, an optimal “growth curve” is created based on this data, matched to reference data provided by expert partners, with the type of crop, soil, and growing conditions all being taken into account. This growth curve is then used by the farmer to modify his growing systems (in a manual system), or directly used by pre-existing farm equipment, automated with LoRaWAN devices from Netvox or other partners through the Thing+ application and backend system.

The Thing+ web application is used for device-agnostic monitoring of data and data analysis from any location, and includes a full array of visualizations, as well as operational systems to help farm operators and owners make optimal decisions and run their farms effectively.

Finally, the security of greenhouses can be enhanced (optional) by tracking and setting alarms based on the status of greenhouse entry points, enabled by intelligence on the Thing+ application side, combined with motion detection sensors from Netvox.

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