DL-MBX | Ultrasonic Distance / Level Sensor for LoRaWAN®

The device DL-MBX enables remote monitoring of water level, fill level of tanks and silos, fill level of waste containers, presence of objects or snow level. It measures the distance between the sensor head and the target (rangefinder). The measurement principle is based on ultrasonic waves which are transmitted by the sensor and reflected back from nearby objects. Using the time of flight of the sound waves and the speed of sound (temperature compensated), the sensor computes the traveling distance and thus the distance to the object.
For each measurement, the device collects 15 distance readings (samples). Of these 15 samples, it discards all invalid samples and computes the most reliable value (median), which is transmitted as “distance” value in mm. In addition, the “number of valid samples” is also transmitted. These values allow to estimate the quality of a measurement.

LoRaWAN Specification

Product / service details


Based on ultrasonic time of flight measurements
DL-MBX-001: 0.5 … 10 m
DL-MBX-002: 0.3 … 5 m
DL-MBX-003: 0.5 … 5 m (snow level)
Resolution: 1 mm
Accuracy: 1% or better (factory calibrated)

Full datasheet on www.decentlab.com/support

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