DL-PR21 | Pressure / Liquid Level and Temperature Sensor with G1/4'' Pipe Thread for LoRaWAN®

The device DL-PR21 enables remote monitoring of pressure in pipelines or tanks. It measures the pressure at the G 1/4” pipe connection relative to the pressure at the cable entry. When the sensor head is mounted at the bottom of a water tank, the relative pressure indicates the depth of the sensor head (fill level). In water, the relative pressure of 1 bar equals to a depth of approximately 10 m.
The device also records the temperature of the sensor head. The temperature reading is used for temperature compensation.
Sensor data are transmitted in real-time using LoRaWAN® radio technology. LoRaWAN® enables encrypted radio transmissions over long distances while consuming very little power. The user can obtain sensor data through Decentlab’s data storage and visualization system, or through the user's own infrastructure. Visit www.decentlab.com for more information about Decentlab's data cloud service.

LoRaWAN Specification

Product / service details


Piezoresistive transducer
Range: -1 … 10 bar
Linearity / precision: max. ±0.15% of full scale
Total error band: max. ±0.7% of full scale

Range: -40 ... +125 °C
Accuracy: typ. ±2 °C

Full datasheet on www.decentlab.com/support

Environmental protection
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