Energy Management

A cost-effective package of integrated software and hardware that guarantees a complete overview of your energy consumption. Our intelligent GemaLogic software solution for energy management combines monitoring, analysing, alarming, and reporting in an easy-to-use online app.

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VISIBLE ENERGY USAGE. Control the consumption of energy and water, receive alarms on critical events, and plan further measures to use energy more efficiently. SAVE UP TO 10% ONLY FROM SYSTEM IMPLEMENTATION.

TRANSPARENT, SIMPLE AND EFFICIENT ENERGY MANAGEMENT. Conduct energy audits and control over energy usage with advanced GemaLogic® software.

IMPROVEMENT OF ENERGY EFFICIENCY AND REDUCING EMISSIONS AND ENERGY COSTS.GemaLogic® is an ultimate EM tool for all organizations using or preparing to introduce the ISO 50001 Energy Management system.

TOTAL CONTROL FROM ONE SPOT Connect all the buildings (public, commercial, residential or retail) on the GemaLogic platform and control it from one spot.

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