ERS Sound

ERS Sound measures indoor climate, occupancy and sound level. It is completely wireless and powered by batteries. Inside ERS Sound you will find internal sensors for measuring indoor temperature, humidity, light, motion and of course, sound levels. The sound sensor is always listening which makes you never miss any sound events.

IoT, long-range, low-power
Smart Building

Product / service details

This indoor climate and occupancy sensor is ideal for smart buildings and workplaces. It is completely wireless and powered by 3.6V AA lithium batteries. The battery life is up to 2 years depending on the sample interval, transmit interval, data rate, and environmental factors. ERS Sound has a minimalistic design and can be mounted on any wall.

The ERS Sound will monitor both peak and average sound levels and are a perfect device for places where the level of sound is important. Be able to create the best environment in libraries, classrooms, airports or other similar places.

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