The FL-Count is an inexpensive, ultra low power Door sensing solution which is useful for counting the number of people using a door, access security predictive maintenance etc.

Product / service details

FactoryLab’s Door checking and counting solution allows you to simply place sensors on doors or cabinets and start detecting opening and closing of doors. This can help raise alarms when a door is opened or accessed for a defined time. Counting the amount of times a door is opened can also predict maintenance schedules in rooms, eg: toilets.

Plug and Play
LoRa solution
Ready to use LoRa enabled door sensing solution. Can be installed on any door and start counting and checking.

Compact and easy to set up
The built in battery and antenna make it an ideal solution to install in many spaces and locations. 4 screws to install on any door.

Ultra Low power
LoRa based long range solution with an ultra low power system which can function seamlessly for over 3 years on a single coin cell battery with a sleep current < 4μA.

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