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HybridTAG L500

The conbee BLE/LoRa® HybridTAG L500 combines Bluetooth Low Energy, LoRa® radio technologies and GPS positioning. Temperature, Humidity, ambient light and acceleration information is transmitted in defined intervals.

LoRaWAN Specification

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The conbee BLE/LoRa® HybridTAG L500 is ideally suited for IoT and M2M applications. It combines Bluetooth Low Energy and Long Range Wireless with a set of sensors. The configurable TAG provides authentication features, is fraud-resistant and comes with a 3Dacceleration sensor, which can detect motion and orientation.
Regular advertisement packets are transmitted at a configurable interval and provide device status and sensor data. The data contains device identification, temperature, acceleration and battery status as well as GPS/GNSS position data and optionally humidity, ambient light and magnetic field.
The HybridTAG L500 can be activated with an external magnet without the need to open the enclosure. A multi-color LED signals the different operating states.

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Environmental protection
IP54, optional IP65
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