IMST GmbH - LoRa Alliance® Authorized Test House

Since November 2015, IMST is a LoRa Alliance® Authorized Test House. Tests are derived from LoRaWAN® specification and are covered currently for Class A and class C and for different regions (EU868, IN865, US915 and AS923)

Product / service details

The LoRaWAN® Certification Program provides assurance to end customers that their application-specific end devices will operate on any LoRaWAN® network. The scope of the Certification Program confirms that the end device meets the functional requirements of the LoRaWAN® protocol specification. The program includes a suite of tests that are specified in the LoRa Alliance® End Device Certification Requirements document.

The first requirement to initiate the certification process by IMST is to be a member in LoRa Alliance®. Upon completion of the tests, the results will be listed on the LoRa Alliance® website, and upon compliance a LoRa® Certification certificate will be issued by the LoRa Alliance®.

The following tests are covered today at IMST:

  • Activation OTA / By Personalization
  • Application Functionality
  • Downlink Packet Error Rate (allowed 5% PER)
  • Cryptography
  • Downlink Window Timing
  • Frame Sequence Number
  • Device Status Request
  • MAC Commands
  • New Channel Request MAC Command
  • Confirmed Packets
  • RX Parameter Setup Request MAC Command
  • RX Timing Setup Request MAC Command
  • Link Adaptive Data Rate Request MAC Command

Additional (optional) tests could be:

  • Test diagnostics and guidelines for corrections
  • Support in case of problems
  • Disable Non-default Uplink Channels
  • Downlink RF Timing
  • Downlink Frame Pending feature
  • Link Check Request
  • DI Channel Request
  • Link Adaptive Data Request Block
  • Simple tests for MAC Commands
  • Check Uplink Frequencies
  • Tests with Optional Data Rates SF7BW250 and FSK50


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