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As an OEMDevice DesignerEquipment Manufacturer or Service Provider, you may be facing pressure to reduce cost and speed product launch of your connected end-devices. You may also ask yourself how to embed more innovation, features and design in shorter conception cycles while sometimes lacking relevant hardware, software, radio expertise (performance, energy consumption, antenna selection, embedded connectivity design) or even compliancy knowledge (CE, FCC, ETSI, IEEE, LoRa Alliance).

LoRaWAN Specification

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Kerlink Reference Design Low Power IoT helps you in those aspects with a complete package including hardware, software, tools & recommendations allowing you to prototype and produce a final product in a very short space of time.

The objective is to offer end-device designerssoftware developersarchitects, and operation engineers’ step-by-step directions for quickly conceiving and producing IoT connected end-devices which offers high performance and resilience, low energy consumption, optimized radio performance, robustness and reliability on the field, based on latest specifications and standards.

By using an off-the-shelf Reference Design and production-ready bill of material (BoM), you will accelerate your time to market from concept to finished product and eliminate 6-12 months from your development timelinecut overall costs by up to 30 percent while securing design robustness and reliability over time.

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