Kerlink Wanesy Device Management

Managing or updating an already deployed fleet of connected end-devices throughout their entire life-cycle can be a huge time and cost investment when it needs to be done manually and locally. There is also a high risk to let some end-devices with an old firmware version and it can potentially create an heterogenous fleet with not up-to-date firmware version for each end-device, potentially leading to heterogeneous end-user experience.

LoRaWAN Specification

Product / service details

Kerlink Wanesy Device Management solution is an application service allowing to interact, from a central management interface, simultaneously with a batch of end-devices notably for configuration and firmware upgrade. It allows to remotely update software and firmware over the airadd new functionalityinstall applicationsconfigure settings and parametersmonitor or provision devices to keep them operating at optimal performance. It is fully compatible with Kerlink Low Power IoT Reference Design and Kerlink Wanesy Management Center but is also compatible with third parties' LoRa®  Network Servers (LNS).

Being a challenging and vital feature for companies that increasingly depend on the IoT to streamline their operations or generate new revenue streams for their business, Kerlink Wanesy Device Management solution (including Firmware Upgrade Over The Air) is a strong element that will help OEMs and product manufacturers to maintain sensors, accelerometers, actuators and other connected end-devices and make them efficient, secure, responsive and performant over time

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