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The Loadsensing Vibrating Wire data node easily connects vibrating wire instruments such as piezometers, load cells, strain gauges and pressure cells to the internet. It transforms manual and sporadic data collection to a more regular and automatic process, making it the most cost-efficient way to capture data from any environment. It is capable of transmitting the data via long-range radio to a gateway connected to the Internet up to 9 miles / 15 kilometers away. One gateway can also support dozens of nodes in the same network through a star network topology. It has an internal c-size battery that can last up to 10 years with minimal to zero  maintenance required. The units are easy to deploy, very robust and do not require recasing as they already hold relevant certifications. Loadsensing is IP67 certified and tested from -40C to +80C. It can also be used as
a standalone logger for manual monitoring and can be easily configured and connected with a USB cable and an Android phone.

The polycarbonate box version may be used for city installations since the internal antenna is protected from vandalism and can be integrated into walls. It also ideal for saline products (salt mines, seaports).

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