The LORIX One is an outdoor IP43/IP65 LoRaWAN gateway in a highly optimized form factor. It is also very easy to configure and deploy on a mast thanks to its cylindrical body.

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Product / service details

The LORIX One is a versatile and outdoor (IP43 or IP65) LoRaWAN gateway with the following key features:

  • Highly optimized form factor as low as 45*46*198mm or 1,77*1.81*7.80inch (W*H*L) without the antenna
  • Open source software based on Yocto Linux allowing customers/integrators to create easily a custom software which fits perfectly their specific needs
  • Pre-configured with LORIOT and Semtech packet-forwarder allowing user to quickly configure the gateway for TTN, ResIOT and most common clouds
  • Easy to install thank to its cylindrical body which can be easily fixed on a mast. Powered through passive PoE to avoid any useless cables

Despite its really small size, the LORIX One demonstrates really good RF results and got the second distance world record of 741km on 7 July 2019 (more info here).

More information about the LORIX One on its dedicated website.

CE Electrical safety following IEC/EN 62368-1
Environmental protection
IP43 and IP65
EU868 version booklet
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US915 version booklet
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Quick start guide
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User manual EN
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User manual FR
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Add 4G support with 4G/LTE bridge
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