Mote II

The Mote II is a demonstration platform intended to be used in a variety of applications. It is fitted with the low power, bidirectional radio module iM881A, sensors like accelerometer, altimeter, temperature and a GPS module. iM881A was specially designed for battery driven LoRaWAN® applications. It supports LoRaWAN® operation modes and offers an excellent RF performance combined with low current consumption.

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Mote II
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The Mote II for LoRa® is an ultra-long range, high-performance, certified sensor device for LoRaWAN®. It operates in the license free EU868 MHz SRD frequency band. The Mote II is the best solution for evaluating network performance and a big amount of applications, such as Automated Meter Reading, Home and Building Automation, Wireless Alarm and Security Systems, IoT, Smart Cities etc. The Mote II provides LoRaWAN™ operation modes with an outstanding RF performance and a very low current consumption. The device includes the bidirectional LoRaWAN® module iM881A especially designed and optimized for battery powered applications. Beside the LoRaWAN® module Mote II comprises different sensors like accelerometer, altimeter, temperature and a GPS module. As user interface the Mote II offers a display and three buttons and LEDs. Everything is installed in an IP65 plastic housing which allows outdoor usage. The firmware will be provided by the open source github project lora-net.

The Mote II has a USB interface for configuration and development purposes. A direct programming and debugging interface is implemented. The programmer is connected with an USB standard A to Mini-B cable and is compatible to ST-LINK/V2. Therefore the STM tool chain can be used for programming and debugging the radio module.

In normal use the Mote II is battery powered with three AAA-cells. The best performance can be achieved with non-rechargeable batteries.

The housing can be easily opened. No additional tools are needed.

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