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Meshed nCounter People Counting Device & Visualisation Platform

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The Meshed nCounter Solution combines WiFi and LoRaWAN to provide anonymised people counting data for smart cities, smart precincts, smart buildings, shopping malls, construction sites, parks and gardens, major events, festivals, public facilities, sports fields, farms day/agriculture shows and tourism attractions.  

Based on the counting of Wi-Fi enabled smart devices in a specified zone, nCounter™ Wi-Fi device counter, reports back to base at scheduled intervals with the number of Wi-Fi connected devices that entered the zone, left the zone, and the average “dwell-time”. Great for understanding crowd sizes and pedestrian counts.

Meshed nCounter™ devices require LoRaWAN coverage using The Things Network to enable data transmission.

nCounter™ range is between 20 to 50 meters in a zone and multiple zones can be can set-up.

Enables over-the-air configurations to fine tune the data you need.

The nCounter™ platform comes with data visualisation, data access and storage subscription that provides you with a configurable dashboard and complete ownership of your own data.

Overlay other data such as weather, temperature, noise, air quality, retail sales for even richer insights into your business.

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