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A better city center through a better management of on-street parking

PrestoSense sensors are installed on on-street parking bays. They not only detect a vehicle’s presence, but also the parking duration of a car. The information is forwarded to the parking operator. He uses the data  to analyse the load and turnover rate of his car park and to optimize enforcement. The motorist uses the information directly on his smartphone. The city’s traffic guidance system or the motorist’s GPS system  guide him to the next available parking bay.

As second generation detection sensors, PrestoSense operates with an IEM patented sensing technology, based on magnetic and ultrasonic measurement. When changing the magnetic field, resulting in the movement of a metallic mass in the space close to the sensor, this one activates the ultrasonic detection to verify the information and thus exclude any interference that could affect the result. This double detection allows a reliability rate of 99%.

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