PUL-LAB-13XS - Outdoor gas and energy metering (Atex pulse)

This Senlab™ M smart wireless device, featuring the LoRaWAN™ connectivity protocol, is suitable for gas metering and energies counting in explosive atmosphere. PUL-LAB-13XS is compliant with ATEX certification.
Designed for outdoor use, Senlab M offers a ruggedized IPIP68 casing and robust wireless connectivity for continuous monitoring in harsh environments.

LoRaWAN Specification

Product / service details

This Senlab offers best in class features as:
- Battery life time up to 20 years
- Rich Data Content thanks to datalogging (24 datas/radio transmission)
- Radio Performances
- Advanced set of functionalities

Typical Applications:
- Building Energy Management System
- Water, gas, and electricity metering
- Energy efficiency: Regulate energy costs
- Control and monitor energy consumption

Technical features:
# Plug & Play installation
Product fixing with 2 cable ties on wall or pipe
provided with 1 meter cable ready du be plugged on pulse emitter
activation with magnet (LED feedback)

# High configurability of pulse counting
Standard input for dry contact (including debounce algorithm)
Specific input (2 inputs) for open collector circuit
Set/Reset of start index
Wirecut and minimal flowrate information
Log and transmit mode for battery lifetime enhancement (up to 24 compressed logs per transmission)
Stream mode (timestamp for each pulse) for consumption profile analysis
Reconfiguration possible over the air

# Network configuration
LoRaWAN parameters (OTAA or ABP activation mode, initial datarate,...)
Encryption keys customizable by client
standard LoRaWAN retries support
Radio collisions avoidance by pseudo-randomization of transmissions
Advanced transmission reliability mechanisms (redundancy of data, recovery of lost messages, ...)

Magnetic field exposure EN 62479
Safety IEC 60950-1
Environmental protection
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