RB11E Wireless Occupancy/Light/Temperature Sensor

Netvox RB11E is a PIR-based LoRaWAN Class A device that combines motion detection, temperature, and illumination sensors. It has been LoRaWAN certified.

Product / service details

Principle of Operation
RB11E combines motion detection, temperature, and illumination sensors. With real-time motion detection, RB11E senses the movement of people, animal or other objects, and if a person or an object moves in the monitoring area, RB11E will detect the infrared signal and report the status information to the gateway. Users can execute different instructions or scenes according to different configurations. RB11E also reports temperature and light level. It is mainly used for indoor detection.

Example Applications
• Area access monitoring
• Detect when people enter a room
• Building automation
• Condition monitoring
• Predictive maintenance
• Security, healthcare and many more use cases

LoRaWAN Class A compatible
Motion detection distance: 2 meters to 12 meters
Temperature measurement range: -20℃-55℃
Lighting measurement range: 0-1100LUX
Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS)
Improved interference immunity
Improved power management for longer battery life
Encrypt-RF™ Security (Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange + AES-128 CBC for sensor data messages)
Battery Life*:
Please refer to web: http://www.netvox.com.tw/electric/electric_calc.html
At this website, users can find battery life time for various models at different configurations
Available third-party platform: Actility/ThingPark, TTN, MyDevices/Cayenne
* Battery life is determined by sensor reporting frequency and other variables

Technical parameters
Power Supply: 2pcs of 3.6V ER14505 AA batteries
Operating Voltage Range: 3V~3.6V
Standby Current: 110uA
Transmitting Current (max): 120mA
Receiving Current (max): 11mA
Measurement Accuracy: ±0.1V
Dimension: 78mm*78.8mm*82.2mm
Weight: 125.8g
Operating Humidity : <90%RH
Operating Temperature: -20°C ~ 55°C
Storage Temperature: -40°C ~ 85°C
Built-in sensors: light sensor, temperature sensor

Environmental protection
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