LoRaWAN 868MHz Class A IP68 module for all GWF gas and water meters equipped with the GWFcoder®-Technology.
Existing or new meter installations can be easily (retro)fitted with RCM®-LRW10 modules without the need to set parameters on site – Plug and Play.
The module is self-powered with an expected battery life of up to 15 years.

Product / service details

- Water proof design for pit installations (protection class IP68)
- Transmission of latest register value and further information
- For all meter types with GWFcoder® / GWFcoder® MP register with SCR(IEC) or ECO interface (gas / water, domestic and industrial meters)
- Backwards compatible: No meter change required when migrating water and gas meters with GWFcoder® interface into a LoRaWAN
- Plug & Play: Easy and fast on-site installation with auto interface-detection and activation in LoRaWAN (no programming required)
- Integrated monitoring of connectivity and reconnecting mechanisms: Robust operation with automatic repair options, e.g. with gateway failures
- Split-connection (cable) to the meter – remote installation
- ADR (adaptive data rate) support gives higher transmission intervals with consistent battery life
- Fixed transmission interval or dynamic transmission interval
- Custom-tailored RF Mode: Up to 15 years battery lifetime

Environmental protection
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