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IBTI (Instituto Brasilia de Tecnologia e Inovação) is a Brazilian Research and Development not for profit organization to foster competitiveness via scientific and technological development.

Product / service details

Certified by Brazilian Ministry of Science and Technology, IBTI offer consulting and project development services.

IBTI’s main goal is to enable entities management, establishing governances between the production, academic and governmental sectors.

Other institution’s goals are:

Promoting competitiveness and scientific, technological, economic and social development;
Strengthening and developing entrepreneurship, and enhancing business management;
Developing programs and promoting actions that favor sustained development, management and environmental education;
Collecting, handling and making available information on political, economic, social, technological and ecological environments;
Organizing and maintaining the development support services of the Federal District’s companies and of the respective production chains;
Performing as a technical and advisory body on the study and solution of scientific, technological, entrepreneurial and economic problems;
Running services that result in income generation for its self-sustainment;
Making the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry of the Federal District one of the most competitive and evolved in the world;
Attracting investment in scientific, technological and innovation ventures in the Federal District;
Promoting and developing the Federal District’s and the region’s economy through Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

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Instituto Brasilia De Tecnologia E Inovacao
Geographical Focus:
South America
Research, IoT platform, Development, Connectivity
Consumer, Smart Metering / Smart Utilities
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