Smart Facilities Management Occupancy

Optimize Space Utilization with Data about occupancy of desks, meeting rooms, offices and work areas.

Understand the actual usage of your real estate and facilities by collecting real-time and historical occupancy, allowing you and your clients, tenants and users to reduce costs by right-sizing your work space, better manage energy usage and increase flexibility.

You need a solution that you can install yourself today without putting your network or your clients's network at risk and start generating data tomorrow, not an incomprehensible set of acronyms, protocols and technical jargon.

Product / service details

Microshare Smart Facilities Management

- Comprehensive dashboard views so you can see what is happening across your entire operation
- Packaged solutions - everything you need to get up and running in a day
- Sensors, Gateway, Dashboards, Alerts, Analytics - delivered in a box with simple set-up instructions
- Freedom from IT
- Designed for change so you can build the IoT ecosystem that meets your specific needs

Our comprehensive kit for occupancy scales from just a few to thousands of monitored assets and is expandable to other kits such as Predictive Cleaning, Environment Monitoring (e.g. temperature, CO2, air quality, humidity), waste management, smart parking and many more from the LoRaWAN ecosystem to allow you to gradually and cost-effectively deliver Smart Facilities Management

Microshare connects, manages and analyses enterprise IoT sensor data. It provides unique insight into occupancy, washroom use and environmental factors to cut real-estate costs by 25%. Unlike other IoT solutions, Microshare combines the output of hundreds of sensor types into a single view that can be safely shared between organisations and third parties with full data compliance.

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